Diagnosing Sacroiliac Joint (SI) Disorders In The Physical Therapy Clinic

In this video, Biagio Mazza, PT is an SI-BONE consultant discusses how to diagnosis sacroiliac joint (SI) disorders.

In a classic study, over 22% of patients with low back pain were found to have the SI joint and SI joint dysfunction as either the primary source of pain or a component of their low back pain.

Based on very rigorously reviewed research there are five provocation tests that are used to commonly diagnose SI joint disorders. These five tests, when used in combination, can be very accurate, both sensitive and specific, when giving information about the potential effectiveness of an injection into the joint.

The SI joint should be considered a potential pain generator and option for treatment in every case with low back pain.

The diagnosis of SI joint disorders or at least the provocation tests should be included in every patient when they come in the door.

Learn more about the sacroiliac joint at http://www.si-bone.com/


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