3D Arterial Supply to the Lower Lower Limb – Anatomy Tutorial

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Lower limb arteries anatomy tutorial using the Anatomy Learning Platform (http://www.anatomylearning.com), produced and edited by AnatomyZone (http://anatomyzone.com).

This 3D anatomy tutorial provides a basic overview on the arterial supply to the lower limb. You will learn about the following structures:
– External iliac artery
– Internal iliac artery
– Superior and inferior gluteal arteries
– Obturator artery
– Common femoral, superficial femoral and profunda femoris arteries
– Lateral circumflex, medial circumflex and perforating arteries
– Popliteal artery
– Anterior and posterior tibial arteries
– Dorsal pedis artery
– Lateral and medial plantar arteries
– Deep plantar artery
– Deep plantar arch

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